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5 Reasons Why Cannabis Is One Of The Best Preventative Medicines


  • 5 Reasons Why Cannabis Is One Of The Best Preventative Medicines

    For some, using cannabis – no matter what way you choose to consume it – helps to de-stress at the end of a day. But that’s not the only health benefit, with the prevention and treatment of cancer, to anti-aging properties.
    1. Cancer

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    Using cannabis not only helps treat the symptoms of cancer, but there are studies that show that cannabis could also help prevent it. A study published in 2009 shows that cannabis use of 20 years or more can be linked to a reduced risk of head and neck squamous cancer. Back in 2012, another study by the University of Naples revealed that CBD has a chemopreventative effect in animal models. And yet another study, from 1996, showed that THC reduced the recurrence of hepatic and benign adenoma tumors.
    2. Age-related cognitive decline

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    According to findings by the British Journal of Pharmacology, cannabis contains cannabinoids that can prevent the development of Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, Huntington’s disease, and age-related dementia. It’s a build of oxidative stress in the brain, which causes these neurodegenerative diseases up, as well as exposure to chronic brain inflammation and intracellular dysfunction. And it is been shown that the use of cannabis can significantly reduce these conditions.
    3. Inflammation

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    Whether it’s a headache, cancer, arthritis, or even diabetes, studies show that using cannabis can prevent the symptoms of most of these conditions. The said studies show that cannabinoids aid in controlling the response of the immune system, and help suppress inflammatory responses. It’s shown that THC and CBD interact with the endocannabinoid system in many ways, which can prevent and reduce inflammation, and even prevent numerous ailments. In one study from 2008, animal models suffering from swollen paws were given oral doses of beta-carophyllene – a compound found in cannabis – that showed as much as 70 percent decreases in inflammation.
    4. Heart disease

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    Did you know that there is research, which shows that cannabis may have the same effects on the heart as prescription drugs that are taken to prevent heart disease? Best of all, it reportedly does so without the side effects of the pharmaceuticals. The cannabinoids are said to protect the heart from several dangerous heart problems and complications, which include atherosclerosis, strokes, heart attacks, and hypertension.
    5. Aging

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    It’s no secret that cannabis contains powerful antioxidants, which is why it is infused with so many balms, topicals and beauty creams. Those antioxidants protect you from free radicals, caused by environmental pollutants and stress, which increase the chance of developing wrinkles, bags, and other age-related symptoms.
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