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5 Methods Of Smoking Ranked From Most Healthy To Least Healthy


  • 5 Methods Of Smoking Ranked From Most Healthy To Least Healthy

    Smoking may be the most popular way of ingesting cannabis, but despite the healing properties of the plant, smoke inhalation is still a cause for concern for many health-conscious users. Carcinogens, tar, tobacco-based papers and high-heat can indeed result in some undesirable health effects when smoke inhalation occurs long-term, leaving many to wonder whether they should switch up their smoking methods for good. Let’s determine what the preferred smoking methods are from the healthiest to least healthy. 1. Vaporization

    The #1 healthiest inhalation method for cannabis is vaporization. Vaporizing is a smoke-free method that steadily heats your herb at a high enough temperature to extract its THC or CBD, but at a low enough temperature to release the combustible materials into your bloodstream.

    Vaporization has quickly become the preferred method for many smokers, as it’s not only healthier but a lot more discreet due to its minimal odor. Keep in mind that cannabis concentrates such as dabs, oils or waxes work much better with most vaporizers than the use of flower, which may still require some degree of combustion. 2. Water bongs/pipes
    Water bongs and pipes are considered to be healthier than smoking since the water cools the smoke ingested before it hits the lungs. It is also possible that other byproducts of combustion and particulate matter are filtered by the water before it reaches your lungs as well.

    Seeing as how cooled smoke often results in bigger, longer hits, old water bongs/pipes require regular cleaning, as carcinogenic matter and resin can become caught inside and cause further irritation. 3. Hand pipes/Joints

    Each of these options will deliver hot smoke into your lungs within seconds. Undoubtedly, the most convenient and popular means of smoking but not always the healthiest.

    Joints can be rolled in hemp, bamboo or rice paper for a cleaner smoke, but they won’t protect you from carcinogens or all particulate matter (even with a good filter). 4. Hookahs

    Not a common method, but some people do combine cannabis with wet tobacco or shisha for hookah use. Many cannabis users don’t favor this method as hookahs tend to burn through weed far too quickly.

    Health-wise, combining cannabis with tobacco will always be more harmful than smoking weed on its own. 5. Blunts

    Rolled in cigar paper with added tobacco, blunts are popular among smokers who like the combined effects of marijuana and nicotine. But unfortunately, tobacco products are both addictive and harmful.

    Health-conscious smokers who may be concerned about susceptibility to cancers, respiratory illnesses, heart disease and other medical conditions should opt-for tobacco-free smoking methods.
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