With a few stoner pro tips, you can make your weed last longer. If you’d prefer to have a little weed every day rather than the same old feast-and-famine cycle with which so many of us are familiar, there are some easy and effective ways to make that happen. Let’s face it, the only downside to smoking weed is the stress it puts on your bank account.

Here are a few hacks that work for us in making that cannabis stash last from paycheck to paycheck. 1. Make like a soldier and create weed rations.

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Just shove flowers or dabs into each “day.” If it helps, think of it as rationing, or as a “weed diet.” If you stick to it, your stash will last longer, and your tolerance may even drop, resulting in better highs. 2. Put on your apron and make some edibles.

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While it’s counterintuitive, because of the amount of weed required, making cannabis-infused edibles such as brownies or cookies from your stash can result in a high of much longer duration. Whereas smoking highs typically last an hour or two, edibles can stick around for three or four hours or even longer. 3. Save those roaches in a mason jar for hard times.

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No matter how icky they taste, there always comes a time when you’re willing to smoke them. You’ll be glad to have that roach-bowl when there’s nothing else to smoke. 4. Try vaping instead of smoking to make your weed last longer.

Photo by Lindsay Fox
A 2014 study of 100 subjects found that vaping cannabis produced more noticeable effects with less weed. They also reported that it heightened flavors. It has also been found that vaping significantly reduces expired carbon monoxide and is easier on bronchial pathways. 5. Smoke efficiently, not greedily.

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Lighting up the entire bowl at once burns through the weed a lot faster. Igniting just a corner means you’re wise enough to realize burning a bowl isn’t a race… it’s a scenic drive. It’s easy to fall into the habit of smoking canon sized joints or massive bowls, but you might be surprised by how little weed can get you high. While pinner joints or mini bowls aren’t as photo-worthy, they might do the trick and help to decrease your tolerance over time. 6. Try a one-hitter or dugout.

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While it’s almost certain you’ll take several hits, you’ll still use less weed, because you only have to commit to one toke at the time, rather than an entire bowl or joint. Being conscious of your consumption by including this step is sure to make your weed last longer. 7. Leave some weed at home.

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There’s no rule that says you have to carry every crumb of weed you possess when you go out to party. Be good to yourself; put a little personal stash away for times of scarcity. 8. Use a hemp wick instead of a lighter.

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If you smoke out of a bong or pipe, lighting up with a wick doesn’t just prevent the inhalation of butane fumes. It also burns at a lower temperature than a lighter, meaning the weed itself burns slower. If you want to make your weed last longer, then don’t char it with a lighter when you smoke bongs. 9. Get a three-tier grinder. Think of it as an automatic savings program for kief.

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If you use a grinder designed to collect the kief which naturally falls from cannabis flowers during grinding, you’ll have a nice bowl or three of delicious, potent, powdery trichomes full of THC after grinding just a few bowls’ worth. The key to becoming an economical stoner and making your weed last longer is by being proactive. While these grinders require an upfront investment, they will save you a ton of money long term. 10. Live in a legal state? Consider buying bargain weed.

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Pay attention to the lab potency-testing numbers. Budget bud often has just as much THC as the top-shelf stuff. Pay more attention to cannabinoids than cosmetics. Often, the only difference is that bargain weed isn’t quite as pretty. But who cares if the product has a rougher trim or has popcorn buds if it still gets you just as high. Don’t fall victim to pretty packaging.