Did your dealer serve you some rather odd looking nugs? Not that you want to hear this, but it could be that you’ve scored a lousy batch of bud. One of the most significant letdowns is sparking the herb expecting relief, only to be surprised that it’s making you queasy and it tastes and smells like crap. You know what they say, “if it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck.” The same goes for bad weed. If it looks terrible, produces equally awful effects, and it makes you feel like ass, then it’s probably crappy ganja. To ensure that you never smoke shitty weed again, here are 6 signsthat you just bought bad weed. 1. There are more stems and seeds than there is flower

Lesson number one in making sure you don’t pick up bad weed. When someone hands over a bag of bud, always be sure to look at it before you hop in the car and get lost. If that bag contains mostly stems and seeds, then you just got ripped off. Can you smoke them? Yes. Will they get you high? Probably not.

For one, seeds contain zero THC crystals. Stems do contain traces of THC, but barely enough to do much of anything. Even if stems and seeds did get you high, no one recommends that you ingest their harsh vapor. So unless you’re planning on starting a grow, don’t waste your money or your lungs on a bunch of stems and seeds. And if you see them, immediately call your dealer out. You’ve just bought some bad weed. 2. It has an ugly brown color

The color of your bud tells you all you need to know about whether its bad weed. If your nugs are green and vibrant, then congrats, you indeed have high-grade marijuana on your hands. However, if they are brown, then sorry, but you’ve got some bad weed and it’s probably old.

Not only is aged pot hard on the lungs, but it’s also not as effective and it can make you sleepy. Plus, old, bad weed tastes God awful. Never pull out ancient cannabis in front of your pals and expect a positive response. It’s not going to happen. Tell your dealer he or she can keep that. 3. It doesn’t taste or smell right

Not all signs of bad weed can be caught by the eye. Sometimes, it’s the taste and scent that gives its shittiness away. If you notice a hint of chemical, must, or metal on your tongue or the tip of your nose, then beware. That grower might have failed to flush out any excess nutrients or pesticides. Or, the batch might contain mold.

Even if the taste and smell are only slightly off, go with your gut and keep that bad weed far away from your system. Especially by wary if your tree tastes like a pill and has a pill-like odor. In that case, it could very well be laced, which is not a good thing, depending on who you ask. 4. The texture is dry and brittle, or overly damp

Another one of the signs that you’ve bought bad weed is that the bud is dry and crumbles with ease. When bad weed nugs lack moisture, they are hard to smoke and to vaporize. Too much moisture can also be a bad thing, though. When your herb is damp, it’s prone to mildew and mold, which is obviously not something you want to ingest.

Always remember that good grass is sticky, meaning it’s hard to break apart. People don’t call it the sticky-icky for no reason. Anything less is not worth your time—or your money. 5. Your chest hurts when you smoke

Chest pain is never a good sign. If it’s happening as a result of smoking weed, then that could mean you’re smoking bad weed that’s poisoned with pesticides, bacteria, or mold. Or perhaps a little of everything. Nevertheless, do seek medical attention just to be sure there are no underlying causes for the chest painyou’re experiencing. 6. It’s extra leafy

The last sign that you’ve bought bad weed is leafiness. Before being trimmed, cannabis has leaves around the central bud that are somewhat wispy. Since these particular leaves don’t offer an abundance of resinous trichomes, growers tend just to trim them off. They not only make the buds less potent, but they also lack beneficial cannabinoids like THC and CBD. So if you want to get the most bang for your buck, steer clear of ultra-leafy, non-potent weed.