420 Resolutions for Health and Fitness

We’ve all heard of New Year's’ resolutions. They are promises you make to yourself, often about health and fitness, that you don’t always keep. So, why not make some 420 resolutions instead? Pledge to be healthier with the help of cannabis during the spring and summer, and even through the tougher months of fall and winter, so that you are a better, stronger you next year. Here are a few 420 resolutions you can make that will set you on the path to health.

Use Cannabis to Shift Your Perspective
Half the battle of getting up the nerve to work out is wanting to do it, not making excuses or being lazy, and feeling confident enough to work out in public or even in the privacy of your own home. As Learn Green Flower points out, cannabis can help change your perspective from dreading working out to looking forward to the fun of physical activity. Give it a shot!

Pledge to Manage Your Pain
Many don’t want to work out because of the physical toll it can take on the body. Some who do exercise hard get hurt, and fall into a pattern of using opiates to dull the pain. Pledge to be better to your body by using cannabis to help manage pain and stay away from unhealthy ways of pain management. Learn Green Flower explains that you will have a faster recovery time after workouts and be able to manage pain more easily.

Use CBD for an Energy Boost
It’s hard sometimes to have the energy to work out after working all day long. Popsugar suggests trying CBD-heavy cannabis before a workout. Unlike unhealthy ways to get energy and get motivated, like commonly-used energy supplements, or the extreme, steroids, CBD gives you a natural boost of energy for a workout. Combine with other healthy natural remedies like mate tea or kombucha, and you’ll really see the results. And since workouts give you energy, you’ll feel even better after you exercise.

Be Good to Yourself
This one isn’t an expert opinion; it’s just common sense. Don’t push yourself too hard, and think positive thoughts about your appearance rather than inwardly putting yourself down. Positive self-talk and loving yourself can also be helped by using cannabis. Make a promise to do this, and you are on the right track already.