Everyone has their favorite way to become altered, and if you’re rolling up, you have choices that must be made on the fly. Namely, how are you going to wrap up your weed and are you going to be a purist or are you going to use a little buzzy tobacco mixed in with the marijuana?

First, in case uninitiated, what are the real differences here? A joint is wrapped in a paper or sheath that is often made of hemp, but also comes in flavors and see-through wraps that have more novelty appeal. A blunt is rolled inside a cigar wrap, which gives non-tobacco smokers an extra buzz and lends a leathery, somewhat sophisticated, taste to the experience, though they also come in flavors like vanilla and cognac. And the spliff. Most often rolled in Europe, a spliff is a joint mixed with a little tobacco.

So as you can see, there is a lot to do here with personal preference and even how big a group is imbibing. A blunt wrap might make it around the room a few more times due to size and a slow burn, but is everyone gathered down with the tobacco wrap? Similarly, if you’re going to roll a spliff, make sure that there are no ex-cigarette smokers who wouldn’t want the temptation or that there’s no one simply opposed.

Tobacco continues to get a very bad rap for very good reasons, so as time goes on, this debate will dwindle, but for now, these three most popular ways to puff puff pass in a wrap aren’t going anywhere.

However, if tobacco offends you and you don’t like processes or chemicals much either, rolling a joint with raw hemp papers is your best bet. They are au natural and there is even a popular brand of rolling papers named RAWto make it all the easier to pick up at the headshop. And if you are going the raw route, you might as well make it purist all around. Get some organic, terpene rich cannabis from your local headshop before rolling up!

So what are some advantages of the spliff? Namely a smoother smoke. The cannabis nubs and shredded tobacco comingle to make a more uniform smoke, which means fewer runs in the papers and more even hits. Just work about a quarter of a cigarette out of its sheath and mix the tobacco with your cannabis before rolling and you’re ready to go!

As with most choices, it’s going to depend on what supplies you have on hand, your mood and even what day it is. So enjoy all methods responsibly and on your own time. They’re tried, true and just waiting to be rolled up and smoked up.