Cannabis often gets associated with the munchies or eating more. But just because cannabis is a tool to boost appetite, that doesn’t mean that using cannabis have to binge or overeat. Here are a few tips for healthy eating with cannabis and choosing a good diet.

Have Healthy Snacks on Hand when You Get High

Jezebel suggests always being prepared when you smoke. If you have some healthy snacks on hand, like fruit, granola and yogurt, you’ll be less likely to binge on things like potato chips or fast food.

Smoke Before Bed

Another tip is to time your smoking to match up with your sleeping. If you smoke right before bed, as Jezebel points out, you will just be using cannabis as a sleep aid, and you won’t be tempted to munch.

Actually Eat Weed

This one may sound bizarre, but we promise it’s a good call. High Snobiety suggests actually eating cannabis, and it doesn’t have to get you high. The leaves are high in rich minerals and vitamins, and normally you’d just be throwing them out.

Look for Strains that Increase Exercise

If your goal is to run or work out after getting stoned, not raid the fridge, then try a sativa. They will keep you active and motivated to do well at work and then get some good exercise. Later in the evening, when eating dinner and winding down for sleep, you can switch to indica.